this patented technology acquisition

The cold winter, Han Nana riding electric cars run around all day, seeking bank loans, seeking the return of the purchase price. She felt simply does not survive the! Years later, under the coordination of the business park, Han Nana by enterprises in the park three UNPROFOR, obtained from the local credit union a subsidized loan. "Now, is not lack of customers, not orders, but start-up capital as long as the production can start properly, I'm not afraid of anything." Han Nana told reporters, has to take over the orders, sales this year may reach 300 million, the same time, in March of this year, textile machine parts factory developed ingot sets gained new utility patents, to overcome solid material precise holes technical difficult problems, this patented technology acquisition also makes them more competitive in this production areas. Over years ago, Han Nana and her husband, after discussions, the mortgage cars sold two marriage room. Collar wages happily home, watching the workers looked creditors to settle the payment knitted brows stretch, Han Nana's heart was heavy, the hands of the rest of the money has less than 3,000 yuan.