restructuring have led to the shackles

Ensure that completed this year, the work of the 10 plots of land transactions;-depth implementation of the 3015 action plan; accelerate the construction of 35 roads with promoting the construction of Metro Line 3 and the beltway inner loop midline, Northwest the beltway land acquisition and resettlement and construction work, make every effort to Nanba road, Kwong Fuk Road, the Nisshin Road, Lai Court Road, Queensland Road comprehensive improvement. Improve urban quality . In urban planning and construction, adhere to a high starting point, high positioning, generous, good urban planning and image design, forward-looking emphasis on the monomers design of urban architecture, urban quality significantly enhance. Day, Kunming Xishan District Committee to convene a meeting of the Tenth three plenary (enlarged), review summarizes 2012, analyzing the current situation, and to study the deployment of the 2013 mission. Xishan District secretary Zhao Xuenong said, Xishan District of playing international business center and a new urban landscape garden. Xishan District, according to building an international business center and the positioning of the development of the new urban landscape garden, closely linked to the spatial layout of the five districts with a harbor "resolutely fight three battles of the economy of the park, the county economy, private economy", improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth, deepen reform and opening up, accelerate industrial development, promote urbanization, protection and improvement of people's livelihood, innovative social management, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization in a more prominent position, accelerate the construction of wonderful happiness new Xishan. Zhao Xuenong said, the new year should be based on four shackles of the Xishan actual breakthrough ": the breakthrough three industrial structure the golden ratio shackles, bondage, breakthrough breakthrough in industrial development is limited in the main city" retreat into three "the breakthrough project construction industry restructuring have led to the shackles of the short-term sluggish growth, difficult approval, light service, "bondage; do" unswervingly four ", ie: unswervingly accelerate the urbanization unswervingly build international business center, unswervingly building a new urban landscape garden, unswervingly all-round to improve their work style.