一個自動化的工資管理系統,可以讓你保持自己不受法律和監管責任的負擔作為雇主。不僅是一個很好的工資管理系統,帶走你的法律和監管職責,但也節省了你的人力資源部門的時間大約為35%的去浪費在人工工資計算。 管理员工,计算工资,加上奖金,扣除树叶和处理的研磨从未如此更容易组织。或大或小,他们这样做容易了。人力资源软件和人力资源信息系统软件都打勾人力资源管理的新趋势。全面的软件解决方案,协助他们成功男人的管理。 定期檢查你的流程:貴公司的所有過程,包括手動和自動的,必須每年至少審核一次。有時甚至是自動化的系統可能會導致錯誤。如果錯誤沒有被捕獲的時候,它們可能會導致多付或短付員工。如果退出的員工管理不善,可能會為此付出全部的工資給他們,而不是拿著自己的工資和履行全面和最終付款計算。 After reviewing the four or five products, you will likely cut this list in half. From here, do a little research on each company. Ask for references, see how long the company has been in business, and how many installs they have. To receive unbiased opinions, hit the SHRM technology boards and post a message asking if anyone else has used the product and see what their opinion is. Add scores, the prices, years in business, and the number of installs to your spreadsheet. With each demo, have your spreadsheet in hand and make sure that each need or requirement you have identified is shown during the demo. With your score spreadsheet in hand, provide a score for each need. This step is actually pretty easy because you did your homework up front. Recommend creating a detailed spreadsheet to assist with this process. Down the left side, list your needs and across the top, list each vendor. If you want to offer more detail, you might end up reviewing several HR information systems to score each product. HRIS HCMS eLeave