a project expected to be completed in one year after

According to project leader Chen Zhiming, Wuhan National Bio-Electronic Commerce Center online platform has been put into operation, covering the Agriculture Department of the seven provinces of Hubei, Hunan and other agricultural products platform. Expected after three years, will cover the whole country, when the country's agricultural products are traded on this platform. . Agricultural products unmarketable do not have to worry about, just by biological electricity supplier of agricultural products trading platform show dealers across the country, agricultural brokers will help farmers to resolve their problem. Recently, central China's largest the biological agricultural e-commerce Technology Park - Wuhan National Bio-Electronic Commerce Center in Wuhan Optical Valley Biocity start building. The total investment in the science and technology park of over 10 billion yuan, the construction of the incubator center, exhibition center, office building, R & D centers, transaction settlement, the network control center and pesticide testing center, a project expected to be completed in one year after . When completed, the park will attract bio-agriculture, bio-medicine, bio-energy, IT industry, modern agriculture, service industries more items settled, directly benefiting 200,000 agricultural enterprises, 300,000 agricultural cooperatives.